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Prothesis for below knee

Below-knee prosthesis with Triton Harmony — Ottobock This amputation provides good results for a wide range of patients with many different diseases and injuries. The Triton Harmony prosthesis pumps air out of your socket for a secure, intimate fit—improving connection and limiting volume fluctuations all day long.

Below-Knee Amputation - MoveForward Working toward mobility with a prosthetic leg can differ depending on whether you have had an above-knee or a below-knee amputation. Below-knee amputation BKA is a surgical procedure performed to. Contractures can make it difficult to wear your prosthesis, and make.

The Definitive Prosthesis - A Manual for Below-Knee Although it varies considerably from person to person, new amputees usually begin the prosthetic fitting process a few weeks after surgery. A Manual for Below-Knee Amputees. The Definitive Prosthesis. Most prostheses for amputations between knee and ankle consist of three major parts a socket, a shank, or shin, and a foot.

Below Knee Prostheses Brownfield's Prosthetic & A BKA is performed rougy in the area between the ankle and knee. Below Knee Prostheses. There are several desns for below knee prostheses. The style of prosthesis that a patient is fit with will depend on the their activity level, residual limb length and shape, as well as their diagnosis and prognosis.

Prothesis for below knee:

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